Sunday, December 2, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

My husband and I decided to go to dinner and a movie for our anniversary (WOW 8 years!). Thanks Mom for watching the kids. We set off for the Savage Mill to walk around and eat at the Rams Head. I love the Mill, it's so historic and beautiful. After dinner, he went to Arundel Mills to see The Mist. My husband and I seldom do much of anything together except maybe watch a Blockbuster movie once a week. With 3 kids its hard to get away. Anyway, we get to the theater, find some seats and settle in to watch the movie. Why is it that no one knows who to behave in a movie theater any more? Where is common curtesy? What happened to the days when you set quietly though a movie as not to disturb other moviegoers? Just as the lights go out and the movie starts a lady down front starts yelling to the 3 or 4 teenage girls in the row behind us (about the 3rd row from the top) to inquire as to if they were "sitting up there or comin down here." They yelled back that they were "staying up here." Where they preceeded to scream though the whole movie, laugh loudly at parts that weren't funny, laugh at each other for screaming, clap at parts, and answer the characters on the screen. The gentleman next to me must have been expecting a very important phone call since his bluetooth headset flashed a little blue light every 2 seconds though the entire movie. It is just common curtesy to turn your cell phone off during a movie, but doesn't this apply to bluetooth headsets also?! Come on people, think!! Everyone behind him must have been distracted by that little blue light in the dark. I was distracted and I was next to him. Three quarters of the way though the movie he moved slightly and his HUGE phone on this side started flashing a little blue light also. It was like sitting next to a strobe light, first the ear flashed then the belt, then the ear, then the belt. AAARRGH!! This man also yelled at least 20 times at the screen, "What the hell is that." It got to the point where it was predictable when it was coming!! The lady with him (it was dark and it may have been his daughter) decided that a dark movie theater was the perfect place to text. Ever so often her phone would light up and she would start texting, then a little while laster, her phone would light and she'd send off another message. Yes, I was glad her phone was on vibrate, however the phone lighting up every few minutes was just as annoying as a ring. Then, you have the people down front with the huge baby stroller and the screaming baby. What were they thinking?!? Anyway, as we were leaving the theater, my husband and I realized why it is that we don't go to the movies but wait to DVD! To borrow a quote from my movie neighbor...What the hell were we thinking?! I have taken the kids (7, 5, 2) to see kids movies during the summer and I must say, kids are better better behaved than adults. Anyway, these are just my thoughts!